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If you have an old air conditioner or heat pump that uses Freon, it’s time to consider making a change. Freon is a chemical coolant, or refrigerant, that eases the transport of heat from one area to another. Known as R-22 from the heating, cooling, and refrigeration business, Freon has been used for many decades, but will not be any longer. This is because chemical refrigerants are bad for the environment, for instance, O-zone layer. And the moment this scientific proof was confirmed, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), together with many other environmental agencies from all over the globe, came together to ratify the Freon Stage Out. If you have an old air conditioner, continue reading to find out about the Freon stage out and how it impacts your house’s heating and cooling.

Freon Stage Out

With years of hard work, chemical engineers and HVAC specialist could make an eco friendly replacement for R-22 known as R-410A, better called Puron. Following this date, Freon will be wholly phased-out and no more available.

Eliminate Freon

Since Freon has been phased out, the industry supply has dropped radically. It follows that Freon is hard to discover and very costly. Recharging your HVAC system will be both tedious and costly for another four decades. And in 2020, you’ll have no option but to replace your system with a fresh one because Freon will be gone forever. For all these reasons and more, it’s important to think about replacing your air conditioner with a newer version whenever possible. Not only will it reduce energy bills and maintenance costs, it is going to be a lot safer for the environment!

Do not waste your time fixing coolant leaks or mechanical problems within an air conditioner that still uses Freon. It’s more cost-effective to replace your ac system altogether, and bypass the impending hassle of using Freon. Eventually, you’ll need to invest in a non-Freon system anyway, so it is far better to start now!

The Way to Safely Eliminate an Old Air Conditioner

When it is time to replace your old air conditioner with a new one, don’t throw your old AC from the garbage. Not only is this highly dangerous and illegal, but it’s a waste of perfectly good money. That is because you can sell your old appliances into a scrap metal buyer and make a fast cash profit.

To do so, you must employ a certified professional to remove the refrigerants from the old AC unit. Some scrap yards have professionals that they work with that do this service for them, but others need you do have the refrigerants removed before they could accept them. Check with your regional scrap metal buyer to find out what their needs are for scrapping an old air conditioner. You could also search for Responsible Appliance Repair (RAD) organizations locally if you would like to eliminate it without selling it to a scrap metal buyer.

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